Did an unexpected upgrade


Jan 4, 2005
Well after water leaked from a custom made water block while the system was on it was time to replace some things. It was time to retire some x79 components and move up!

I returned my laptop and performed some upgrading.
New Parts:
5960x @ 4.6GHz
64GB of DDR4 - 2400
EVGA Supernova T2 1600w 80plus Titanium PSU
ASUS Rampage V Extreme mainboard
4 - Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB Drives

Overall the system feels much faster. I'm not using any SSD raid (the other SSDs are for VMs). What is interesting is that game benchmarks are now utilizing more of the GPUs than my last board / cpu combo. Before with my ASRock x79 Extreme 11 and my 4930k I would get mostly 85-93% usage on maybe 2 GPUs and the other two it would be between 60-80% usage. It would rotate between GPUs. Maybe the two PLX switches on the mainboard caused some of this. Now I'm sitting at 94-99% usage across all cards consistently.

I also purchased the 32" Acer UHD monitor and I love it. Big step up from my Dell 24"

The rest of the system is in my sig. I'm going to wait on Pascal before I upgrade my titans.

Shot of Mainboard with RAM and CPU installed
Shot of PSU and cables
Shot of SSDs
Shot of complete system


Jan 20, 2008
Wow...haven't seen a 900D made to look crowded in awhile or someone who bought a 1600W PSU that actually needs it. Nice.

What fans are those on your radiator?