dfi nf4-d memory question?


Limp Gawd
Jun 23, 2005
ive read that these board(dfi nf4-d) dont like cheap ram but i was thinking cheap ram as in brand not speed i have 1gig 3200 ddr and 512 3200 ddr will i have a problem
Dec 22, 2006
Keep in mind that Dual channel memory controllers found on todays CPUs rather than the motherboard itself can be rather finicky when it comes to memory. If you can afford it you may indeed be in for a pleasant surprise if you invest in two identical sticks. They will result in a much more dependable outcome both with stability higher OCs. When forced to run mixed sticks of RAM the controllers often default the mem controller to a much slower speed ie 166 or even 133. Normally these days identical sticks of RAM work quite well in DC no matter what brand but keep in mind you get what you pay for. If you aren't gonna OC then get two sticks of RAM from the same supplier at the same time preferrably. This just assures that both sticks of RAM are as close to identical as possible without being classified as a "Dual channel pair" or DC optimised.
If you intend to run the RAM in single channel you would most likely be OK. Dual channel is a whole new thing. Your odds of running mixed sticks in DC and getting good results are not very high.