Destiny 2’s older subclasses could get an upgrade, eventually


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 19, 2005
"“Within Solar Warlock, there are two really distinct fantasies that don’t work together at all,” said Smith. Currently, Solar Warlocks can drop a Well of Radiance at their feet, which heals allies and buffs their damage. But a different tree of Solar Warlock lets the class fly around in the sky, raining hellfire down from a flaming sword. Same subclass, different trees, very different use cases. And unlike Nova Warp vs. Nova Bomb, both have an identity worth preserving. In order to transition Solar Warlock to the modular Stasis system, Bungie would need to pick one of these play styles to align the identity of the subclass, potentially alienating people who like the benched play style.

Solidifying that identity will clearly be a challenge for Bungie — if it happens. But Smith seemed excited about “class jealousy”; that idea that you might look at an allied Hunter and feel jealous that you can’t use Golden Gun on the boss, just as they look at your Titan wishing they could use Ward of Dawn.

That’s the goal for Smith, to give players a reason to play each class and help make Hunters, Titans, and Warlock all feel special for playing their chosen class. But to do that, Bungie would need to shore up the game’s wide variety of subclasses, something that may not happen for years to come."