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Apr 25, 2001
There's nothing worse than crappy autoplay videos on websites and I'm constantly having to mute them so I can read content and not listen to them. However, from this point forward Chrome is going to do something about this and it will learn your browsing behavior and start muting this stuff for you. According to Google, it will mute autoplay stuff for about 1,000 sites within six seconds. Also, they claim that once your browser is fully trained it should block about half of the autoplays you run across. This isn't perfect, but I'm sure over time they will increase the percentage of mutes. With that said, I'm glad I'm a Chrome user and this feature makes me like it even more.

It’s worth noting that this is all about audio. Videos that are muted when they autoplay will still be allowed to autoplay. Google also allows autoplays when a user has tapped or clicked somewhere on the site during a browsing session, which seems like a loophole that the company will hopefully close soon.
What id like to see is a mute icon, on by default, on each tab. IF i want to hear anything from that site, i could then turn the mute OFF
Although I check about a dozen tech sites a day, Tom's was my homepage for years. Now it's [H]ardOCP. It's not just Tom's dumb autoplay, it's also the annoying push requests.

That said, why can't I just turn off autoplay for a website? If I want to watch a video, I'll watch it. If they insist on showing me a commercial, I'll go someplace else.
Good, the autoplay videos on [H]ardOCP was getting annoying.
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The vast majority of auto-play videos are ads. This is one of the main reasons I now use an ad blocker, and I white-list very few sites.
not enough. i thought goog was making autoplay disable option, not simply mute
VILALDI + HTTPS + Ghostery + StopFLASH +adnauseam + PUPBLOCKER 4 Chrome = NEVER EVER EVER get an AUTO PLAY
Let me decide if I want to play a video or not. I know what the > button looks like.
Just for some positive feedback, I always appreciate when you warn us of auto play videos in the news link section of the front page.
There's nothing worse than crappy autoload videos on websites and I'm constantly having to block them via script so I can read content and not waste my internet data on those useless videos.