Feb 28, 2007
On my WC'ed Q6600 G0 (OC' 3.0 GHz) it occasionally shows a pretty big delta between it's cores. I know or at least I've read where a 2c to 5c delta is normal with an unlapped cpu HS. My temps under load, with a 24c ambient temp are roughly core #1=45c, core #2=39c, core #3=44c and core #4=41c. I have a Appogee GT thats been bowed with the larger "O" ring), a 220 MCR rad with 2x HS fan controled Yate Loons pullin', a MCP350 with a stock top and a Swiftech Micro Rez. I'm runnin pretty much distilled water with a drop of bug and plant life killer. :eek:

Are these temps OK? Once in a "blue moon" I've noticed a delta of 6c or 7c degrees is something screwed up? Are my temps wacky, I read them with a calibrated copy of Real Temp v2.60. Should I reseat my WB again? (I've reseated so many times the screws are getting wore out, only kidding :rolleyes: )Would it be advantageous to lap my cpu HS and is there anyway to lap an already bowed WB? :confused:

As you can tell I'm "temp anal"and highly excitable when it comes to one of my babies (err.. I mean computers), but I'm also extremely lazy and I don't want to lap my cpu HS unless I have to. (you know, a 1c to 2c improvement, I only OC' max 3.2 GHz in the winter) :D

Thank you for any constructive replys. I know there are some really "hip" people on this forum when it comes to water cooling, whether it be about cooling the cpu, the NB, the graphics card or anything else that gets hot with a computer. (except for the OP, they
have cold showers for that) ;)

Edit: Oh yeah, I always use AS5 (so I know about the "break in" period) Should I go to one of the new TIM's? (like OCZ, IC diamond stuff, MX-2, the Shitzu kind, or whatever, there are a zillion of them)



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Sep 18, 2005
It's fine -- nothing to worry about. Yes, it's a bit higher differential than is typical, but nothing crazy. My cores are consistently 4-6C different, and I've seen similar numbers from other quads.