Dell XPS 12


Oct 2, 2007
Anyone have any experience with the Dell XPS 12 convertible, particularly the new Haswell models?

I'm entering grad school in the fall and am going to buy a convertible laptop/tablet to replace my aging machine. I'm looking for something that's a laptop first and a tablet when optimal (e.g. planes), not vice versa. Durability is important. Screen size preferably 12.5-13.5 inches.

When the first round of XPS 12 came out, they received very good reviews except for battery life. Haswell should fix that, so this looks like a solid machine. Anything else I should consider? Wait for a Yoga 13 refresh?
I recently received mine two days ago. Haven't really used it much, so can't really say much about the battery life.

The screen is gorgeous, I think its pretty light and would work fine in a college setting. Haven't tried playing any games on it so can't say much about the Intel graphics.
A little 13" machine should do fine even on a cramped plane chair.
ive got a 2740p, Love it on airplanes and in class.....however i'd suggest looking at the x230T or the 2760p (or their successors) , go for the business level convertible laptops for the better build and the better warranty.
Meaker a little machine would work on a plane, true, but that's just one of many situations where it'd be nice to have a tablet.
Fair enough, worth checking as if it was just the small factor there are more choices and more powerful options.
I personally prefer the Lenovo Yoga. It's better bang for your buck, and a bit smaller (11.6 instead of 12.5).

I also think the hinge mechanism is more durable then the XPS's multiple-failure-point version.