Dell Venue 8 Office problems


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Aug 14, 2006
Having issues with Office on my Venue. Excel, One Note and Power Point work just fine. Word, on the other hand does not. Won't open past the splash screen. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried quick repairs, online repairs, ran the Fix It and then reinstalled and still no go. I'm stumped.... any ideas or help is appreciated.
Thanks for the reply, but I have zero add-ins installed. Just seems odd to me that it crashes on start up and the other three work just fine....
Did you install the Home & Student Edition that it came with or some other version?
Its the home and student edition that came with it. Worked for the first week or so, then it just quit.

And Gookitron, thanks for the links, I'll look into those tonight.
Rename the file and let Word recreate it, that should help.