Dell 1703fp OR Viewsonic VP171b

Originally posted by havand
is the dell 16ms as well?

no, but is the 1800fp? no it is not, yet there is absolutely no ghosting with the 1800fp. same goes with the 1703fp...
the vp171b which i got 2 weeks ago id take anyday over the dell monitor because i did a shit load of research and comparison b/w all other monitors in its price range. I like the looks and the performance of vp171b, i dont know anything about "Dude your gettn a dell:eek: " monitor, viewsonic make some of the best LCD's and CRT's out there. But for your money, you cant go wrong with vp171b(professional series), and i got no dead pixels at all, which is also a plus...
Well I'm leaning towards the Viewsonic, because Dell has them for 15% off, while the 1703fp is full price.