Defragmentation/aligning files on disk excluding too large files?


Nov 24, 2016

i read some comparison from which i discovered that the best defragmenter should be MyDefrag and other decent defragmenter also UltraDefrag.
I defragmented the files, but thinking about aligning the files as it contains some gaps. Problem is that there are two files that are larger than 1TB and i do not want defragmenters to mess with these.

Total disk space: 16 000 764 342 272 bytes ( 14 901,8730 GigaBytes)
Volume type: NTFS

Unfragmented items: 6 871 554 891 776 bytes 112 161 items
Fragmented items: 0 bytes 0 items
Gaps: 9 129 209 434 112 bytes 4 501 gaps
Average gap: 2 028 261 376 bytes
Median gap: 4 096 bytes
Biggest gap: 8 908 684 800 000 bytes
Average end-begin distance: 242 843 823,8593 clusters

# Exclude all files larger than 10 gigabytes.

but i am unable to find out where to input this.

options.lua file is non existent, empty
but i found following:
"Just unset all filters, set the fragment_size_threshold parameter to 0 and the optimizer_file_size_threshold parameter to 15 EB. This way UltraDefrag will move all files and fragments, regardless of their size, to the beginning of the disk."
so in UltraDefrag i am unsure which are defautl sizes, i need to add following to options.lua?
optimizer_file_size_threshold = 1TB
or how exactly verify it worked?

Btw. if you are copying regular files and several huge files to a empty HDD, is better to first copy largest files or it does not matter and i copy large file, small files and then another large file that will not grow in its size?
I think it's:


Seriously. Platter disks are for bulk storage.