Definitive 2407 Input Lag?


Limp Gawd
Jul 27, 2004
After being unsure about jumping on today's 2407FPW deal, I'm hoping to find a definitive answer on input lag people are experiencing. There are threads all over the place, articles, opinions and what not, but I can't seem to get a concrete yes/no to if it's too annoying, and I suppose it is somewhat a matter of opinion.

What I'd like to hear from are 2407 owners with a G5 or other 2000+ dpi mouse, answering if you find online FPS games like BF2 have too much input lag. I was messing with the Samsung 24" at Fry's and on the desktop it felt like the mouse was made of rubber, so I certainly don't want that sort of sensation.

I still have a 20% coupon that stacks with the current 15% discount, so I'm trying to make my decision. I know I could just return it but I'm too farkin' lazy.

Thanks folks.
i've been playing games on my 2407 since i got it in august. i've currently achieved the rare and exalted rank of ub3r 1337, which means i'm a better gamer than everyone ever. that said, i love the 2407 for gaming. if there is any input lag, it's completely negligible.

i play a lot of "twitch" games such as unreal tournament and doom3, and this monitor has yet to let me down.

now, that damn logitech g7, that's a different story altogether :mad:
From what I've read (here and other forums), there is still lag - but it is significantly less than the 2405.

(and as a 2405 owner, that lag has officially stopped me from playing CS:S/UT)
I've had the HP LP2465 and can feel the input lag on the desktop. That said, the LP2465 gives about 40-48ms of input lag. I've since returned it and rejoiced at how fast my 17" LCD is.

I'm waiting for the 2407 A03 to be available in NZ before I go buy one.
Thanks guys, this thread and a bit more digging has made me sufficiently convinced. With my coupon expiring in 30 minutes I pulled the trigger for $578 delivered to California after FatWallet cash back. At that price I just couldn't say no :D
dude did you get this screen in the end ? if so how did it feel, I've just sold my Samsung 244T b-cos of input lag issues, now I'm scared to pull the trigger on the dell 2407 incase it has the same problems.