DD-WRT Trunking help.


Dec 27, 2009
Alrighty so here is the situation. I have a WRT310N and a Dell Powerconnect 5324 switch. I would like to get a 2GB trunk between the router and the switch mostly for redundancy. I had configured the ports on the router to be trunked, and configured a static lag for ports g1 and g2 on the switch (the ports where the two cat5 cables come into the switch). I figured this would be enough, saved the config on the switch and router, restarted both and started testing. For normal internet and remote desktop this works fine, however it has caused streaming media to start stuttering, and doing ping tests using 128byte packets its dropping packets. Configure everything back to before using the 2 connections and everything goes back to normal. To anyone who has done this before it would be awesome to get some help. I currently only have 1 VLAN so it should be a very simple strait forward setup. If needed I can post configs.