Data Recovery Service

Oct 6, 2001
I have an older 500gb wd mybook that is failing. I absolutely need the data that is on there. I have tried removing the drive from the enclosure but windows will not recognize it.

If I plug it in the usual way it will power up and down maybe a dozen times and then it will be recognized but when I try to copy data it restarts the process.

Can anyone recommend a data recovery service? I have seen many online but would like to get your opinions first.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 24, 2008
Drivesavers would be my recommendation. We have used them before with excellent results. They are not cheap but they have been (at least with our stuff) 100% successful. Don't plug in your drive and play with it anymore, depending on the reason it failed that can diminish the chances of recovery, every second it is powered on.