Data archiving for video footage


Limp Gawd
Mar 3, 2008
Hi [H]

My company is in search for a solution in video footage archiving, What kind of solutions do you guys use with your current companies As per our contract we have to make Surveillance footage available to the city as requested up to 1 year.. Are current DVR Surveillance set up holds up to 6 Months Max that’s with 2 TB. We have a total of four locations thats about 8 TB in Six months so max in one year we will need about 16-18 TB Drives for the whole year Ouch !!! I’m thinking a big file server with at least 20 TB just to be in the safe side Impossible?

So here are my questions

1. What O.S Distro would i need to run

2. What Hardware will i need to run for this set up ?

2. Budget We don’t have one it's mandatory per contract

3. Once we have our footage archive how would we even retrieve that data lets say City wants footage on a certain date certain time?
Would i have to run a emulator of our current software to retrieve specific dates ?

I don’t think we are necessarily looking for a backup solution we are just looking to storing the files for a year one's the year passes then we will just delete footage and restart all over again with current Video Footage

What will be the Best solution for us.

Thanks guys in advance


Nov 28, 2004
First, how does your current DVR system save the video files? In 1 hour chunks with dates or huge files?


Jan 10, 2009
Are the DVRs accessible remotely?

Easiest would be to just transfer the files on the DVR every 4-5 months from each DVR, in a dated folder. Example C:\Archive\9-10-2009\DVR1

Then delete whats saved on each DVR. You would want to preserve the 'date modified' detail so that if you need to look at the videos for a particular day you will be able to find the correct one. Or if your naming convention saves by date that would be best in a date/ 24hr time 9-19-2009-1300.

It all depends on what is available from your DVR. Did you want a unix/linux or windows solution?

The simplest option would be to add more hdd space to each DVR, more than a projected years worth, and every 12 months archive that:
If you need to keep something for a year then your year starts at the lastest date. So if you only have enough space for one years worth of video you will have to delete the first month you have saved to add the newest month's data. ie Jan-Dec 09 archived, at the end of Jan 2010 you'll be forced to delete Jan 09 to add Jan 2010's videos... end of Feb, Mar and so on every month. Even if you break it up into 3,4 or 6 month chunks you can only delete what is a year old.

You really want closer to two years worth of space. Otherwise the constant man hours used to keep transfering will become excessive.