Danish Prosecutor Indicts Uber Over Driver Violations

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    Damn! We were so close to making through a whole week without Uber being sued or indicted. For its part, Uber says that it welcomes the opportunity to clarify its legal position to the prosecutor.

    Ride-hailing group Uber Technologies' [UBER.UL] European business has been indicted in Denmark on charges of assisting two drivers in violating taxi laws, the Copenhagen police's head of public prosecutions said on Friday. The indictment of Uber BV is a test case seeking judicial assessment of possible complicity by the company in illegal acts by its drivers, Copenhagen police's top prosecutor Vibeke Thorkil-Jensen's said in a news release.
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    Jan 16, 2016
    And that's the Taxi laws in my country Danmark. If yoy pick someone up in yor car and get paid, you are breaking the law. (And it sucks)