D-Tek JR-120 Radiator


Jul 9, 2002
How would you rate this unit?

I am currently using this in a loop with an eheim 1250 and WW block. Seems to perform very well, but as I have no experience with other rad's, I have nothing to compare it to.

Is the JR-120 the heatercore that they say is equivalent to a Chevette heatercore?
Is one of them enough to adequately cool my CPU, GPU, and NB, or would I need to run two of them to achieve the temps I have now? Currently, I'm only using it to cool my cpu.
MrHappyGoLucky said:
It is a true heater core and will outperform a BIX under any situation.

The original ProCore outperformed a BIX but the JR is about 10% smaller than the original. The JR and the BIX about the same size and both are copper. I have tested both and there really was no difference if the BIX has a shroud on it.

One the big problem with the BIX is that the fan mounts too close to the core surface and you dont get good airflow. However, you can correct this by using a shroud or a spacer between the fan and the core surface. You can drop 2C off your coolant temperature just by reducing the dead spot from the fan motor.

However, the JR is about 10 buck cheaper.