Cuts can be somewhat complicated


Jul 13, 2008
I have pretty much everything ready for my water cooling setup, but the problem I have is I have a PC-A05N, which I love, but it is a decidedly cramped case. It also doesn't have 2 120mm fans on top (the only place I can fit such a radiator) so I have to cut the whole. I have the dremel and all, but I can't decide just how I want it. I got a Bitspower Radguard however, the four outermost holes (meant for mounting the guard to the case itself, whereas the inner 8 are meant to mount the radiator) won't fit (as it'll hit the radiator).

Unless I put the fans first, then the radiator, but I'm not sure if I can make the bends to the reservoir in that case. I suppose I'll have to do some test fitting and put this on hold until I have the actual reservoir in hand.

Does putting the fans first cause any harm to performance? I was thinking just to put the fans after (since thats the orientation in a car for example, though that could just be to be closer to the engine and behind the radiator (to avoid rocks and such).

And I suppose I'm also looking for a little advice since I'm new to all of this.

Thanks! I hope this post makes sense.


Limp Gawd
May 28, 2009
Found this in another forum, should be of help. :)

Not using Push+Pull, you're looking at max a 2 degree difference depending on your configuration. If you aren't itching to squeeze out the absolute best performance possible, go the route that has the easiest upkeep. I can't find it now but the last thread I read on this topic mentioned that it's easier to clean up a Pull config because all the dust gets trapped on the rad, easier to blow the dust out of it than multiple fans & innards.