Currently with Verizon/unlimited data/iphone4s ... have free upgrade. iPhone5 or GS3


Jun 21, 2008
i know there are a lot of threads about this but my situation is a bit unique. i am still on the unlimited data plan through verizon and i bought the 4s used ($300 on craigslist) few months ago so i still have a free upgrade and on unlimited data.

my concerns:
whatever i do i will loose my unlimited data ... can't hide forever

i am by no means a fanboy of anything. i appreciate all technology and always pick the item that does what i need best and play to its strengths. i had an iphone since the original, switched to droid x2, then back to 4s. i will say this, i type faster and more accurate on iphones than any other touch screen. i have no idea why but its so true. i have loaded different keyboards and typing methods on my droid x2 and nothing came close.

i have not played with galaxy s3 yet but i have heard great things. anyway, things that are important to me:

battery life!
great, accurate, fast typing
possibly saving my unlimited data?

i will root or jailbreak whatever device i get. i would just stay with 4s but 4g LTE is now available in my area and speed is important!

Battery life is kind of a wash. both phones should last all day unless you're an extreme power user. I have a Galaxy S3 (rooted, ROM with JB), and i routinely have 40% left at night. I use my phone all day at work, stream Tune-In, Spotify, play games and other things.

Typing. If you don't mind the iPhone 4s, then this should be fine on either phone. Android has more keyboard options and Swype (which I can't live without). This is a personal preference thing, I'd suggest borrowing a friend's phone to see what you like.

Speed - They're both fast, iPhone seems to have a very slight edge in performance as it's optimized to one phone/browser, app store, etc. I don't think this matters for daily use.

Unlimited data can be saved by buying a phone outright. This may be where the S3 has a significant advantage. Pick one up on craigslist and add to your account without subsidizing it. Keep your 4s as a backup if you don't like the experience. I do think you're right that Verizon will eventually take your unlimited data. Either way the S3 is significantly cheaper than an iPhone when you compare unsubsidized pricing.
My perspective.

Going from iPhone 4 to 5 was a pretty big jump in terms of speeds. Everything is just so much snappier. Not sure if there will be that great a difference in 4s to 5, but I guess you are pretty comfortable using either platform so that's kind of a wash since you know what each one offers.

I'd say go pick each handset and see which one feels better in your hand ( the 5 is oh so light compared to my 4. I was also surprised at how light the S3 is)

You could always pick up an unsubsidized 5, use it for a few months and sell it (higher resale value) if whatever android phone that comes out and beats the pants off the 5. Isn't the S4 slated for a March release?

I prefer iPhone myself, but that's just me.
I would go into a Verizon Wireless store and hendle them yourself. I would definitely go for a GS3. Soooo much better. That would feel like a REAL upgrade compared to going from a iPhone 4S to a iPhone 5. Everything in iO6 works in the 4S just like in the 5 so you get no real upgrade other than .5" or larger screen and LTE. Not to mention you get to buy the $40 adapter to make all your old accessories work with the 5. I love the GS3; especially the white one... the screen, battery life, lte, expandable storage, removeable battery, really good battery life... it's a winner.
found someone on craigslist willing to trade brand new white sg3 for iphone 4s ... pretty odd. but i messaged him
i think buying the phone outright will be a bit of a pain and more expensive. i use a fair amount of data but nothing extreme. my wife i think prefers the GS3 and having the same one will make our lives easier and cheaper. my last concern is it being so big, as phone is primarily in my pocket. we'll see.
i think buying the phone outright will be a bit of a pain and more expensive. i use a fair amount of data but nothing extreme. my wife i think prefers the GS3 and having the same one will make our lives easier and cheaper. my last concern is it being so big, as phone is primarily in my pocket. we'll see.

Fits perfectly in my pockets. Everyone is always amazed when they try and notice how it fits in their pocket.
i went to washington nationals game today and my friend had GS3 so i got to mess around with it, type on it, and try to imagine it as my every day phone and i think with a little effort it could really shine. he had bought some keyboard app that everyone was raving about and i found it really nice to text. i also think taking the time to setup all my media i could really enjoy it.
Which keyboard app? I'm actually trying to find a new one, the stock one is tbh quite bad.
My guess it was SwiftKey unless you are a person that likes to type by swiping.
GS3(I have a gnexus) all the way. Ill never consider apple again since they are constantly suing every other company on the market.
OP, you may be able to keep unlimited data if you're willing to fight for it. I've seen reports in news and on other forums of people keeping their unlimited data plans while upgrading recently, they just had to escalate it through CS in order for it to happen. Some reps will insist that it's not possible and not help you, but others will help you out and approve it through their supervisor/manager. It's up to you if it's worth your time fighting for though. That's my plan when I'm due for upgrade from my Gnex about this time next year.

As for what phone to get, of course I would go with the S3. But really they're two totally different beasts so you have to try them yourself and decide what you prefer in a phone. They both have their trade-offs depending on how you use your phone.
any chance verizon price matches amazon? $50 less there (x2 = $100). also, where are the new colors?
data pricing is obscene dude.

150 for 4gb on 2 lines is retarded and its like 40% of my bill.

i can use a gig in a day.
1 gig in a day? where are you that you wouldn't have wifi.

i have been watching windows phone for a very long time and the nokia lumina 920 looks amazing. i would hate to have to wait until november though to check it out in person.

i would pay more to not commit to a phone until after that. maybe craigslist it is. could probably pick up a galaxy s3 for $300-$350 and sell my iphone 4s for $250 and only lose $100 to buy myself more time and more experience with devices and more options down the road
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Swiftkey is great. Learns how you write and actually saves a lot of time by predicting the next word you're wanting to write.

I'm using GoKeyboard for now, really good for a free keyboard IMO.
It depends how important Maps are. Here is a better test: switch your default search engine from Google (99% sure you're using Google) to Bing or Yahoo. Don't like it? You won't like Apple Maps.
I hear you about the keyboard. It's like black magic. I do not like the default keyboard on my Nexus 7 and I'm still looking for something that I can be happy with.
If you are happy with Apple, stick with them. I have a gs3, long time apple user and it is decent. I like it for what it is, but it definitely does not game as well, also Google play sucks balls in comparison to the app store.

If you are willing to give up the app store for a second rate app store, but a bit more freedom, you can make the jump.

My gs3 is a stop gap phone I bought and will probably be replaced next year.
went with S3 today, couldn't be more happier ... haven't rooted yet but will tomorrow. what rom does everyone recommend? i actually don't mind touchwiz with different keyboard.

4G is fast!


AND i forgot about the amazon app store! so awesome!
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