CRT vs LCD for brightness setting


Limp Gawd
Jul 13, 2004
At the moment, I am using a CRT with the brightness set very low because it is easier on the eyes. When I watch trailers on webpages, I use the Nvidia Color Correction at the bottom of the task bar to quickly adjust brightness. I am using an old nvidia driver because the new ones no longer have the Color Correction feature.

1. When I switch over to an LCD monitor with LED backlight, must I keep the monitor dark and adjust brightness when watching webpage trailers (like with a CRT), or will a very bright LCD monitor be easy enough on the eyes that I can maintain a high brightness setting all the time?

2. If I switch over to an AMD card, eg. 7870, is the Profiles Manager still available to make quick changes to brightness at a touch of a button, or did the latest drivers remove that feature? Must CCC be installed for Profles Manager to work on WinXP?

The main reason my next video card will be AMD is because the Color Correction from the latest nvidia drivers were removed and there is no way to quickly change the brightness without having to go to nvidia control panel.
There's no way to know if an LED LCD monitor will be easier on your eyes than a CRT because the technologies are too different and, more importantly, people's eyes are too different. You're just going to have to try it.