Crossfire Issue - Horizontal White Lines


Limp Gawd
Jul 30, 2012
Hey everyone, so I recently installed a crossfire setup in my system, and I'm encountering issues in 2 games (All that I've installed so far) where there are white horizontal lines that flow up and down (Or perhaps just down very fast, like watching a tire spin) across the screen.

The 2 games are: Crysis (Original) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The system is:

EVGA X58 SLI LE board (pn: 141-bl-e757-rx)
Xeon W3520 at stock
1x Gigabyte HD 7770 OC Edition
1x Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition
Windows 8 Pro x64 with all Windows Updates
Newest NON BETA AMD Drivers
Newest AMD Application Profiles

Link to Picture of Board

I have the Gigabyte card in Slot #1 (x16) and the Sapphire card in Slot #2 (x8). They are very close together (1/4" spare space if that). I'd have preferred to use Slot #3 instead, but it's only a x4 slot and I imagine that's too slow to use a video card with.

I've searched into this, and apparently it was an issue lots had when Crysis 1 and other similarly aged games were first released.

"Solutions" were suggested such as:
Forcing V-Sync on all games using CCC (Didn't work)
Enabling V-Sync in-game (Didn't work)
Enabling Windowed Mode (Did work with Crysis, but NOT a solution)

So far, I've been unable to find a permanent solution. Does anyone have any ideas? Disabling Crossfire makes the games work, but then I don't gain the benefit of the 2nd card.


Jun 21, 2004
Try a different crossfire bridge and/or putting it on the other crossfire finger.


Oct 6, 2004
Those cards only have one.

There's probably not much support for the 7770 in xfire since most people probably don't do it. The eVGA motherboards don't have a reputation for being the most stable. Will the xfire bridge reach from the second (x8) to the fourth (x8) slot? If not I'd try the x4 anyway as I don't think it would be a huge bottleneck for a 7770 (benchmark to check).