Crayon Physics, pay what you want to pay sale


Mar 15, 2007

Awesome game, I highly recommend it.

Same type of sale World of Goo did a couple of months ago.

At least pitch them a buck if you want to be super cheap. If I remember right it the guys at World of Goo said it cost them .30 cents per sale and I imagine these guys are probably in the same boat.
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you don't need a wacom. you can play it just fine with a mouse.

Yeah, but it would so much cooler with a wacom. ;) I'll probably pick it up for a few bucks anyway.

Edit - Downloading now. 35KB/sec, but it's only 29MB. lol
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Awesome, I've wanted to try out the full version of this game for ages.
Game makes me wish I had a tablet, but I'm playing the demo and it's still really fun using the mouse. I'll probably buy this!
it IS the perfect tablet game. i just used my tablet mode more in the last hour then i have the last 4 months... donated $6.
I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

...and I did. The demo hooked me in. :cool: