CPU cooler too tight. Damaged CPU or something else?

Jan 8, 2013
I had to RMA my Gigabyte G1 Gaming 7 MoBo for the second time this year.
I was having constant freezing on Startup. I couldn't even install Windows because the computer would freeze in the installation window. Forcing me to restart.

Motherboard arrives here this Thursday but I still don't feel like everything's going to get fixed.

I did RMA the hard drive and the graphics cards so I know those are not the problem anymore. I couldn'tt even use my computer because it freezes every 5 seconds after finally being able to install Windows.

Right now I'm debating with myself whether it's the CPU the Ram or the power supply I guess I'll find out when I get the motherboard back Thursday but what are you guys think could be causing the constant freezing? It's literally unusable.

Note: a few months ago I was installing an aftermarket cooler for a first time it was a cryorig m9i and not knowing I I tighten the screws on the CPU Cooler too hard. The computer wouldn't even boot. My big fear is that when I tighten the CPU Cooler I damage the CPU what are the possibilities of that?
CPU does not look damaged.

Sorry on mobile.


Apr 15, 2003
Highly doubt you broke the proc, but take it out and visually inspect it. I'd also recommend only installing 1 DIMM at a time.


May 7, 2005
UBUnless you heard a loud crack when you installed the CPU; I also very much doubt you broke it, 'sides I doubt it'd even turn on if that was the case (You could pop it out, check for bent pins).
Assuming this was your first time installing a cooler, how much or little thermal paste did you use?

Like Nephron mentioned unplug what you can (extra DIMMs, DVD drive, HDDs, anything in the back you don't need), then start running some diagnostic programs (memtest+ cpustress). You can run UBCD from a USB disk.
Recheck screws, make sure everything is mounted properly. Checking for loose stuff isn't a bad thing, just don't hamfist :)
You could check if the mains plug is wired correctly.


Dec 7, 2003
Also make sure no power cables are pushed back out of the connection pin holder. Loose connections will cause all sorts of craziness. Happens are the male and female ends won't line up correctly and they will just push the site out as you try and seat it.

Make sure also there's no motherboard stand offs in the wrong spot. Those shorts will cause strange problems as well.

Loose sata connections even.


Jul 21, 2004
You don't need to hear a crack to break something.

It's probably NOT the cpu.......However , the motherboard could very well be toast.
Overtightening CPU mounts usually fractures the motherboard.

I know this because...reasons.....hahahaha
*grumble* crappy cheap motherboards*grumble*