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Mar 26, 2011
On a popular website I go to,, someone created a third party script for Greasemonkey. It works for Firefox and Google Chrome. It lets people who use the script have custom profile information that isn't supposed to be on the site, but appears for the user, as well as others who use the script. It lets the users have their own custom avatars that can be pretty much anything as well as custom usernames, custom text, and more. Someone should make a script like that for here, it's completely off-site and so there's nothing the moderators could do about it. So, who wants to make a script so we can have our own custom coups here?

Example of coups (I'm Jesus):

Coup user edit area example:
Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't fit the way we do things around here. Custom titles are earned, regular titles are based on your number of posts made and you can forget avatars, that will never happen. You will have to be satisfied with using all of this on that website you visit, but not here. :)
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