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May 18, 1997
Corsair RM750x 750W Power Supply Review

Corsair has been bumping up it street cred lately with PSU designs that are up to HardOCP standards. Today we have its latest 2018 version of the RM series PSU rated at 750 watts. It features Gold efficiency, a fully modular design, has a 10 year warranty, and carries with it a fully modular design, all for the price of $110.

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i was just pointing out the double mention of "fully modular" in that paragraph. good review as always!
Good review as always.

Question on the areas of performance examined and the weighting of each:
build quality (very nice)
voltage regulation (very good/excellent),
Transient Load testing results (very good/excellent),
Noise (very quiet),
DC Output Quality (outstanding)

Wouldn't DC output quality rank a little higher than voltage regulation and transient load testing? Since the clean DC output puts less strain on the downstream components (motherboard capacitors and VRM's, video card capacitors and VRM's)?

There's so many really good psu's, I can see how it is hard to give out a Gold award.. Maybe this one is gold plated but not solid gold? :p
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I've had the 650W version of this since 2016. It's been totally boring and I don't know it's there noise wise. Perfect.