Corsair HX1000i fan staying off - 55c+ temps


Oct 17, 2000
I'm using a Corsair HX1000i PSU, and while it does have the zero RPM fan feature, I don't think it ever turns on. During a normal CS:GO game, I can't even leave my hand on the PSU it's getting that hot, and yet the fan reports 0rpm still. If I can't even leave my hand on the PSU shroud, the internal components must be cooking breakfast.

I have the USB cable hooked up, and setup a fan profile in Corsair iCue software. I have the fan set to run at 40% when over 40c, but still... nothing. I've bounced around our friend google and corsair forums to make sure I had the profile enabled correctly.

Lastly, I pressed the Fan Test button but I don't hear it moving, the only thing I haven't done is actually remove the PSU from the system to test the fan. Just wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue? I know a PSU like the HXi can handle a huge load (that's what she said) and run fairly warm, but you'd think at 55c the fan would kick on.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance. I purchased it from Amazon so worst case, I can exchange it, but it's a PITA and just want to find out if anyone is using the HXi series and run into this issue. Thanks!
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Limp Gawd
Dec 16, 2010
the fan should spin when you press the test button, well does on mine but going to send mine back as coil wine is driving me up the wall:mad: