Corsair Force 3 Series


Dec 16, 2005
I've been on the fence about what SSD to get among the current or last gen drives, given my refusal to buy another OCZ product.

I really do like Corsair though and have been eagerly awaiting their Sandforce competitor. What are everyone's thoughts on these bad boys? They are claiming not only higher speeds than Vertex 3 (who cares, just icing), but it also came in at a substantial discount on the 120 gig model against the Vertex.

I'm waiting to hear pricing on the 240 gig, suggested was $500, but vendor will hopefully be lower.

It's either the 240 gig of the Corsair for me, or the 256 m4 or C300--or wait til Q3/Q4 for a new Intel controller, but I'm probably going to build my new machine (with this SSD) a bit before then.