Corsair 1500v2 Noise issues?


Jan 22, 2013
Hi guys! :)

So after weeks of surfing, watching and reading reviews on pretty much any headphones out there i took the chance on the 1500 V2. I installed the drivers, figured out the 7.1 and 2.0 settings and all is well. Except of course the audio/mic volume thing everyone ells has and one MAJOR issue.

When ever i start a game or skype the headset makes a squilling sound, i guess the best way to describe it is a digital tinnitus sound, very high pitch and electric sounding sound.

I do get the low hum sound all the, but that's alright i guess, but this sound is killing me, and its there even with the volume set to 0.

Anyone knows a fix for this, or has the same problem? :confused: