[Core P5] The Panda v2

Sep 24, 2013
Hello good people of the HardForum, so I'm delving into another build more of an upgrade in cooling and case then a from scratch build, I'v have The Panda V1 for almost 4 years now, and its time to update. for the curious here is The Panda v1:

Now I got most of the materials to start but today my last package brought me bad news, the radiator was damaged in shipping so now I have to wait for a replacement. :(

Mean while here are some pictures of whats to come:

Well now we wait for the replacement, so I can start this thing. Feel free to chime in. :D
Sep 24, 2013
So after talking with aquatunning I decided to just keep the radiator since it was a phew fins that were damaged and it would show up much. so this weekend I started the build and pretty much just finished it now...

Anyhow this radiator probably has a curse on it since, while I was flushing it slipped out of my hand and hit the bathtub floor, its a bit damaged on the side and I cut my hand in the process of trying to catch it, turns out those fins are pretty sharp.

The copper was showing and the pain was breaking like it was just a vinyl, so I had to fix that up after cleaning it up and painting its not has noticeable.

So its time to start the build and the mess....

Sry for the not so great photos but I cellphone camera lol, don't own a proper camera.

Here's one of my shenanigans, I built a vibration dampener for the pump out of 4 layers of felt, got say works pretty well, an annoying issue was that the pump bracket for the p5 doesn't come with the holes for the DDC pump, its only one of the most used pumps and iit didn't get any love, meaning I had to make my own holes on the bracket.

So with the pump, the cooler, and the radiator mounted its time to fit the tubing, I got say I'm a bit annoyed at how easily the tygon tubing at 16/13 bends on itself, starting to think I should had gone with a tube with a thicker wall, guess is to late now.

1st leak test everything was in order, pretty happy how it went, left it running of r a couple of hours just to test it out, everything went well.

So with the lighting I was originaly gona go with cold cathodes, but the light wasn't to strong and it took a while to get it started, so I had some white flex lights from The Panda v1, and I put them to good use, had to go getho here since the flex light won't stay in a fixed position and its pretty annoying to fixate, so I just went MacGyver on it.

Cable management, its take a while and I'm not that good at it =S

So after doing all the cabling and starting to fill the system again, this time with Pastle White Mayhem, something was shorting my system, since nothing can go perfect 1st time around 20 mins later and a lot of tinkering I figured I had the flex light molex upside down, no Idea how I manage to do that.

So back to filling the system, and finishing this up after 2 days of hard work and some frustration...

Here are the money shots, I'll probably try to borrow a proper camera, but for now:

Hope you guys enjoyed it, I sure did, by the way 1st time watercooling here =P