Core 2 issue


Oct 18, 2006
I recently built a new computer around the new e6850. I decided to pair the cpu with a badaxe 2 mobo, knowing that a bios revision would be neccisary in order to boot. I used an old p4 I had to install windows and update the bios. After I switched the cpus and booted.......nothing. Fans spin up mobo light is on memory leds are illuminated....nothing else. I know my system works because it was running fine with the P4 630. I assume that the cpu is not seated properly and remove my waterblock and inspect the cpu. I notice that the pin holes on the back of the cpu are not in the center of the copper circles. I'm talking way off here. There is even a hole puched into the green silicon and two holes on one copper circle! I assume this is quality issue as I have inspected a few other core 2s prior to this build and recall the pin holes being dead center throughout the entirety of the cpu.
Soooooo. Its either a bios conflict or a defective cpu, i have an rma pending just thought I would run it by you guys first. Thx in advance.

Build Specs:
Badaxe 2 bios 2777
Corsair xms2 6400 c4 2gb
ati x1950xtx (crossfired)
corsair hx 620