Cooler Master v850 SFX PSU


Feb 7, 2021
As my first post, I wanted to recount my experience of the Cooler Master V850 SFX PSU.

I purchased this PSU from Amazon for $139 despite reading about the fan curve issues it has. I can report the same findings, the fan ramps up to 100% and then stops. It's not really all that loud, it's just a bit jarring in terms of the cyclical nature of it. Any way, I contacted CMs customer support via their website ticketing system to ask if they were going to have some sort of revision to the unit that I had read rumors about or if I should just return it. It took them about 2 weeks to respond to the ticket and when they did this was their response: via


Please create RMA for the exchange in April.

Please note that we are working remotely due to the current pandemic; so expect some major delays in responses, processing, basically everything until the stay at home order is lifted in the state of California. We are doing our best to handle everything as fast as we can during these troubling times.

1. Verify your shipping address information is correct under the "My Profile" section for your CM Fanzone account at:
2. Click on the “My Products” tab on the left side of Fanzone (the Case shaped icon).
3. Click on the “+” sign, and fill out the form to register your product.
3a. The serial number can be found on your product or on the box
3b. Enter the purchase date that reflects the date in the invoice
4. Click Submit once completed.
5. Once the product is registered, you should see your product under the “My Products” tab.
6. If the product is still under warranty, you should see a tab at the bottom that is labelled “RMA Request”. Click on that tab, and COMPLETELY fill out the form.
7. Click Submit once completed.
8. Your RMA request should now be submitted. You will get an email that confirms your submission.
9. Once the RMA team processes and approves/denies the RMA request, you will be emailed with the next steps.

Please Note:
Cooler Master asks that our customers to cover shipping costs back to our location.
Cooler Master will cover the cost back to the customer.
It is the customer's decision which courier they would like to use to ship the product to Cooler Master. The product should be packaged in a safe and secure fashion as to not cause damage during shipping.


CMUSA Support

While I have no problem with going through some sort of RMA process for a unit. It seems like this was an obvious issue that they decided to push out the door. Having me wait until April and then having to pay return shipping seems to be unwarranted in this situation. Although I'm sure Chinese New Year is playing a part in this, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, a few days after I sent a reply to the email, the decision was made for me. The unit decided to take a dump and to make matters worse, it decided to take out my motherboard's USBs. So, the V850 no longer turns on and an 8 year old Enermax bronze 625w PSU enabled me to boot up to discover the USB issue. There is no way it could have been overworked as I could have drawn more than 400W as stated by my UPS, and that was including 3 monitors and some other devices. Thankfully both the items were still within their return windows.

The PSU comes with a 10 year warranty, which is fantastic, but it didn't make it 10 days. Now, I understand that in manufacturing it's quite possible to have bad runs of goods, but given that the fan issue was never going to be accepted by anyone who purchased it and it still made it past the QC stage, that leads me to believe we'll hear more stories along these lines. Hopefully CM will correct their design flaws properly and produce a quality product, they got the price point, they just need to improve the unit.

So, to wrap things up, I'd stay away from this line of PSUs until the revision has been released and put through its paces.



Apr 16, 2018
Thanks for the heads up and welcome!
My advice, return it to amazon and get something else altogether. I try not to buy any powersupply if im not certain who the oem is and only if it is a top notch version from a known solid oem.
Coolermaster makes or made solid cases( havent bought one recently) but i can only think of a few solid psus theyve made.
I know its a pita to find reliable reviews nowadays but do your best to try and track down any and all when your making psu choices. If none can be found. Always fall back on old reliable, seasonic evga corsair etc... Even then reviews are always helpful in making sure the choice is a good one.


Jan 7, 2020
Yeah seems like a lot of poorly designed old group regulated and over rated PSUs were rushed out during the shortage. I am sure a lot of companies were like we have all these old junk designs we can easily make cheaply and sell for a lot of profit.


Feb 7, 2021
Well, I think that quite a few companies are getting into the PSU market. Lian Li just announced they will be selling cases with PSUs and if I understood correctly, they'll be offering the PSUs separately as well. I'm not certain where they'll be sourced from though. We'll know in a couple of months.