Connecting two 4port routers together?


Jan 31, 2004
Hello, I am setting up a small network and I need an 8port router, but that cost like a hundred bucks. I was wondering if it were possible to by two 4port routers and connect them together to be used like one 8port router?

Because I can by two 4port routers for like 25bucks each.

router 1 will be upstream of router 2, and will connect out to the internet & will be the dhcp server.

router 2 will need to have dhcp turned off, and will only utilize the lan ports.

also realize that you'll only have 6 available ports since one on each will be needed to connect the two devices, and it would be worthwhile to check the ips of the devices to make sure there won't be a conflict once you put them together.

edit... after re-reading i thought you already had two sitting around... but if you are buying new, i agree with the post after me to get a 4 port router and an "ordinary" switch.
Or even simpler, and kinda still within range of your budget...purchase 1x 4 port router, and 1x 5 or 8 port switch.....uplink the switch to one of the routers LAN ports. That switch will cost you less than a second router.

Although to be honest...a router that only costs 25 bucks...yikes...kinda scarey.