connect pata drive to sata backplane


May 27, 2012
so i was thinking of buying a real server with a real SAS/SATA backplane (i think it's a bunch of inverse 8482 connectors - ie a sata hard disk can connect directly to it). however, i have about 5x250GB PATA disks that i would like to use.

i have these fiddly adapters that attach to the PATA drive and provides a sata connector, and they work well. however, thinking onto installing them directly onto the backplane, i'm at a loss as to how to provide the SATA power to MOLEX required actually power the hard disks. in addition, the stupid PATA-SATA conversion board requires a stupid floppy power connector.

i scoured ebay, but couldn't find anything that appears to serve my purpose. does anyone know of a solution? (save taking the soldering iron out)