Computer shutting down issue, PSU?


2005 [H]orde|Bowl Champion
May 1, 2005
I've been having problems with my computer lately. Randomly, it will just shut down. Not a windows shut down, it just goes down like someone pulled the plug. And it doesn't restart, it just shuts off. I've done memtest, I've pulled the MB out and checked for shorts, I've swapped video cards. The only thing I can think of is a bad PSU. But in my past experience, if a PSU goes bad, it just stops working all together. In this case, when the computer shuts down I can press the power button and it comes right back up. Anyone have any ideas?
You definately could have a psu that's on it's way out.. I have seen this more than once, of course, they certianly can just spontaniously take a shit, but they can become rather unstable for a bit before they die as well. I would try a different one if you can.
yah, and they could take everything with them if they decide to crap out and die. what psu are you running?