Computer freezing at POST screen


Limp Gawd
Dec 16, 2002
Howdy, I don't typically run into system problems that I can't fix myself but this one is really stumping me. My computer (specs in sig) was working fine until this morning. Our internet was out for a while so I turned the computer off, this was the first time in probably a couple months that I actually shut it down. When our internet came back I went to turn the computer back on and it is deciding to freeze on the Asus splash screen that always shows up instead of the POST stuff.

The system starts up normally with one quick beep but doesn't go any farther. The keyboard for some reason isn't powered and won't light up or register any keys being pressed. The F Lock light actually blinks once when I flip the PSU's power switch to the on position but that's the only life I see out of the keyboard. I've tried unplugging all un-needed external stuff and extra hard drives, tried with different RAM combinations and reset the CMOS and nothing is working. About the only thing I can think of is this may be my PSU's last gasp. I don't have any others lying around that are capable of supporting my system otherwise I'd try them. When I flip the power switch to the off position the PSU lets off a sick sounding beep and I haven't been able to figure out what the significance of that is, it started doing that a couple months ago.

Anyway I'm hoping someone here will have an idea, maybe something I haven't tried or somebody knows what the problem is. Thanks in advance for any help.

*update* I had just the keyboard plugged in and the F lock light blinked about 5 times with each blink about 3 seconds apart and then stopped. weirdness...