CIsco Aironet 1130AG Series - WEP to WPA2

Dec 5, 2003
I just started working with Cisco Aironet APs... they are a little more complex than the standard SOHO Linksys AP. I am using the Web GUI to get things up and running (I will go back and learn how to setup with ISO and the CLI), the Express Security doesn't allow you to setup WPA, it wants you to have a RADIUS server in place. Any ideas?


Feb 13, 2004
First, from what I've always been told from TAC, the preferred way to set up any Aironet device is via the GUI. The command line works, but they primarily use it for troubleshooting.

And to contradict myself, here is an old code snipit I found:

ap1100# configure terminal
ap1100(config)# configure interface dot11radio 0
ap1100(config-if)# ssid bitbucket
ap1100(config-ssid)# wpa-psk ascii mysecret
ap1100(config-ssid)# end

More Info:
Feb 19, 2004
to setup wpa you go to the security tab, then go to encryption and select ciphers, then select WPA2 or TKIP, whatever you want. Depending on your setup you will assign this to a VLAN or just in general for the AP.

Then you go to the SSID manager and make a new SSID. Give it a name, assign radio interfaces, VLAN, etc. Scroll down a bit and select require key management mandatory and then put in what you want for your WPA key. Then scroll down and click on apply. You will also need to check the broadcast guest SSID thingy or broadcast multiple guest ssid if you are going to have multiple ssids spread across VLANs.

Keep in mind the above is just what I can remember off the top of my head, thats more or less how you do it from the GUI.

Here is a link to the Aironet Access Point Configuration Guide on Cisco's website: