Chromecast, Monitor and HDMI Audio Extractor

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    Hey [H], I recently obtained (for free) a Dell 27" monitor. I don't really have a need for it as a PC monitor but I thought it might be nice to throw it in the kitchen as a small TV. I picked up a chromecast for it so I could stream stuff to it, the only problem is it has no audio. I did a little looking and I think that an HDMI audio extractor might solve the issue. I'd just need to add a small set of speakers to the setup.

    Has anyone used HDMI audio extractors? I've never messed with them but at $26 it's not that big of a risk, thanks for any input.

    This is the extractor I am looking at:
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    May 7, 2005
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    Haha! Hard to argue with that logic.
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    HDMI audio extractors are a bit of a mixed bag. I've used a couple in the past (one built into the switch, currently have a standalone one) and in both cases the Cromecast just plain wouldn't work. Not sure if that's the audio extractor or the odd setup i've got going on though.

    my setup:
    Devices -> 5 port HDMI Switch -> audio extractor -> reverse HDMI switch (one input, one of two outputs) -> monitor
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    I've used the Sewell Siphon on two TV's since August of 2016, and they're still functional. I can't recall having any issues with them via analog out or TOSLink passthrough to an HD Audio Rush decoder. Prior to that I had a set of Orei audio extractors, which would sometimes give me HDCP error screens, and flash the screens on hot summer days.