Chrome keeps crashing my PC

Rev. Night

Mar 30, 2004
So no idea why this is happening all of a sudden. I've used Chrome for years, and I've had this pc for the past 12+ months. Chrome is crashing my pc. It's random, and seems to happen when I click on a link or open a tab. I know its Chrome because I'll do a chrome action, then shit starts to get slow, then totally unresponsive, then I have to reboot.

Chrome is fully updated. I also uninstalled chrome, restarted, then re-installed. I removed all extensions (just had adblock), still happens.

Anyone have experiences with this?
Is this a windows box? If so poke around the 'Event Viewer' for chrome based errors to search up.
using hdr? try turning it off. both edge and chrome have been hanging on me with hdr on since late december
This monitor can't do hdr, so it's forced off
k. fiddled with the hardware acceleration? only happening in chrome, tried anything else? tried different gpu drivers? anything else change before this started, new parts/peripherals/software?
No new parts. I've installed new graphics drivers a few times, including ones by ddu.

Can cc cleaner wipe chrome after an uninstall?