Chrome 57 Will Permanently Enable EME DRM Plugin


Extremely [H]
Jan 28, 2014

The worst part is in doing so the chrome://plugins page is now disabled. WTF, Google...

The next stable version of Chrome (Chrome 57) will not allow users to disable the Widevine DRM plugin anymore, therefore making it an always-on, permanent feature of Chrome. The new version of Chrome will also eliminate the “chrome://plugins” internal URL, which means if you want to disable Flash, you’ll have to do it from the Settings page.
And yet, if you go to the chromium bug report referenced in the article, you'll see that a bug made the option to disable Widevine go missing.. and the bug has been fixed.

Kind of misleading to post this.

People definitely need to fact check before posting a clickbait headline from 3 weeks ago. The fix for this was approved on Feb 9.

I don't know if it was a bug per say but they certainly didn't think about what else will be impacted when they decided to deprecate the plugins page (their reasoning for the deprecation is a good one). They even reference how "the Internet is angry" over the Widevine enable/disable option going away. That made them go "oops, we should put that option under content settings just like Flash" and they did just that.

I was actually very happy to see that they deleted all the trash posts of people just bashing them instead of making good arguments. There are quite a few very good arguments posted there though for needing a way to turn off Widevine.

People do need to chill out a bit when stuff like this happens with any software. A few simple good arguments with a bug report generally will fix the problem as we saw here. However, if good arguments and bug reports are ignored and blown off...then you light the torches and storm social media and try to force their hand.