Chimp Challenge 2013

Do we Participate?

  • It's on like Donkey Kong (Yes!)

    Votes: 5 13.5%
  • Pigs haven't learned how to fly yet. (No!)

    Votes: 17 45.9%
  • I'm staying under my rock. (don't care)

    Votes: 15 40.5%

  • Total voters
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Aug 29, 2001
Well I just got this PM:

Just a friendly invite from the teams to this years Chimp challenge

we would like [H] back in the contest

As the top team we need your leadership as well to help grow and make the contest a success

Id hope your team would discuss this and see if you'd like to come back and join us this year

Team captains (confirmed)
busnesswithgreg or BWG(OCN)
Xavier Zepherious or XZ (EVGA)
Chrisk (HWC)

We have stayed out of it for a number of years. I want to think that the mood has changed out there. I don't even know what the rules are now. They had become quite convoluted over the last few years.

I don't think I would want to participate and in years that we have it always ended up with bad blood between other teams or fellow [H]orde members.

That said, I made this a poll. If you want to participate vote yes. If we have more yes votes than no the team will participate. HOWEVER, if we do. If someone doesn't want to switch thier UN over or participate in the contest..... respect their wishes.

So, vote, and we shall see what we do.

For people who want to read around and about this contest:
EVGA's Discussion
Those are a few, and there are more threads out there.
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Mar 26, 2011
I'm in the camp of "depends", as in depends on the rules. I don't want to change team numbers or be involved with a load of hassle in order to participate. Beyond that, not fussed either way. If suckage is low, could be fun, if suck = high, not so much.


May 19, 2011
I'm in the camp of "depends", as in depends on the rules. I don't want to change team numbers or be involved with a load of hassle in order to participate. Beyond that, not fussed either way. If suckage is low, could be fun, if suck = high, not so much.

You don't have to change your team number for the CC. What has happened in the past is that there is a team name that gets set up and everyone who wants to participate folds for that name. All the points still go to you team, you just have to come together as a community to have a chance at winning.


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Dec 14, 2009
And what is the point of the Chimp Challenge? The rules are now so convoluted that I can't see it proving anything. "[C]ome together as a community" - past experience has shown the exact opposite to happen, at least at H. For these reasons, I say no. There is only one challenge I care about -


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Jan 29, 2006
Though I'm not a FAH contributor, I did take a look at the forums you linked to. I gotta say, it does not seem appealing whatsoever. This definitely would not entice me to fold under any banner or even fold on my own. It seems more of a way to rekindle fires that were already started with a hippie mentality that the challenge may bring more folders or unite the clans or maybe bring back the lost. In reality, it just seems like a few people got bored.

Good discussion on bettering challenges. Points are nice if teams were started on a level playing field. Reality kicks in and that goes to crap.

Better relationships between the teams. Again, this would be nice but the fact is we made those fences (teams) and it becomes us vs. them. I have found assistance in various forums. Being friendly between teams is nice. Spending time pretending to be each others parents and telling people they have to be nice and/or welcoming too, not really appealing.

Constantly spouting that it is about the science and not the competitiveness is rather dull and borderline dimwitted. The only thing fun or interesting about DC'ing from the user side is the piece of mind that you did SOMETHING even if it never cures ANYTHING or you felt like you accomplished something by winning. That second part is what feeds the addiction and creates the unity within teams and in some cases projects. The first part is what usually draws the initial interest, but without the challenge of accomplishment those people don't stick around.

I would love to say that I DC solely for the science. This is not the case or I would not participate in anything Math related, game related, searching for aliens, or be founded on little more then a theory. I wouldn't even focus on the biology projects much because I don't believe the pharmaceutical companies and big corporations will allow a cure for something that can be treated for a profit. I have a dark view on this world. I believe in better DC'ing but have lack of choices. I liked the CFSW, CFCW, and CEP/CEP2 projects at WCG because I think they present more real and immediate results that serve the masses more efficiently. However, I support almost all of the BOINC projects to some degree because I think realistically they all have just as much chance to really do ANYTHING as the next.

Why do I waste the CPU cycles on worthless projects? I enjoy the game. Simple as that. Points have value. I can't buy the cheeseburger, but I do enjoy getting them which brings more resources as I get more competitive.
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Jun 15, 2005
This is how I feel about the Ape:


And this is how the Ape feels about you:

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