Check Your Switch! Nintendo Fans are Reporting Cracked Consoles


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Apr 25, 2001
The Switch has been plagued with easy to scratch screens and disconnecting controllers and now they are apparently having trouble with the console cracking. Twitter users have been reporting this issue and to this point Nintendo hasn't commented on the potential problem. If you own a Switch you might want to take a look at the top of the unit near the vents to see if any cracks are forming just to be on the safe side.

Several Twitter users replied to McFerran’s initial report with the same issues. The majority of these also occurred on the top of the system, with one person adding that it eventually spread to the back of the case and required a repair.
For fidelity sake, our 2 switches (mine and sons) don't have any cracks, or really any noticeable wear on them yet. Mine is pretty much just docked, or used for light travel at hotels, while his is essentially just left wherever whenever.
Wonder if this is from heat or misuse. For a "mobile console" the Switch has fans which do spool up, and it seems like a number of the screen protectors get hot enough to melt off when docked.
My son has one and never docked. But no cracks and the screen seems in great shape considering the fairly constant use it's getting now with Fortnite
there's also the heat build up issue if your switch is not connected to wifi but via a usb to ethernet dongle the switch even when its fully charged is over heating when not in use ours getts too hot. we dont keep it docked anymore its been happening since and update earlier this year and is a potential fire hazard. reported it to ninty support but fuck all in the way of a reply
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