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Oct 30, 2010

Back again!

I was invited for the Thermaltake 2016 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1, such an honor!
Normally I prefer a scratch build but with the Thermaltake P5 I just couldn't ignore my idea for it :)


Intel Core i7-6700K
Asus Maximus VIII Formula
Asus Geforce GTX980 Strix (2x)
Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 34" 100Hz
Avexir Red Tesla 2666Mhz 16GB
Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2
Thermaltake Core P5 (2x)
Thermaltake DPS G RGB 1250W Ti
Thermaltake Fully Liquidcooled

Lets kick off with the first big update :)

Unpacking .. Awesome!

The P5's

480 Rads

Plenty of pump power.


Lots of fans.

Cpu and Strix blocks

Not sure yet if and how much I will use it, but a bending kit :)

It will be a mixture of PETG and nickelplated brass

All unpacked

So shiny!

The gaming gear! Off course needed to complete a desk.

First steps, mounting the fans.

And sleeving the pumps.

Just trying to imagine myself how it would look.

Sawing mounting rails for the desk

Will be using regular shelve holders to mount the desk to the wall

The idea

More next time :)

Today the hardware and modcave :)

Best looking mainboard ever.

The power.

Avexir memory

Lovely ssd.

GPU power.

More power

Some shots together.

Cleaned up the modcave where it's all going to happen.

Will be using regular shelve holders to mount the desk to the wall

you gotta use something better than this to mount to the wall! you need to hit a couple studs with proper wood screws, those drywall plugs wont cut it! I would HATE to see this thing get ripped off the wall when its complete.
edit: btw it looks like it will be awesome!
Well I've tested it and it's all no problem.
The shelve holders can hold up to 60kg each, I'm using 4 of them.
The wall is a sand/stone wall, the screws are M12x120, they can probably hold 150kg each and again I'm using 4.
I tried sitting at one holder and it was no problem.

No worries man :)
ok good I was worried when I saw those plastic plugs!! so you'll have a floater desk eh. gonna be slick!
I planned the whole weekend for measuring, cutting, drilling, filing, sanding etc :)

Ahh yes .. what I've been waiting for!

One arm should be able to hold 63kg, I'm using 4 of them.

Not much left of the internals.

Bottom shot.

So lets cut! (tried the dremel once again .. screw that)

Cover plate for right side of the desk where normally the mainboard goes

More filing needed

And holes

Also countersinking the PSU

Sorry, I don't like stickers

Rads also more inside

More holes, drilling and sanding.

Just had to test the fans :)

More drilling, cutting, filing and sanding.

Came up with an little idea to bring 12V for fans, pump and lighting to the right side of the desk.

Picked up the laminated glas panel for the Tt d3sk.

Also picked up something awesome to complete this desk setup :)

Back to the 'powerbar'

2 molex lines directly from PSU to the right side.

Some wire management inside the P5


Shortening the massive steel poles which will hold the glass panel.

I just found out where my safety glasses were :)

Few to go.

Going to test the hardware without liquidcooling. Very excited!

I never thought about the ROG logo from the Asus PG348 ... normally it shines ON your desk ...
I like the effect :)

Time to mount the blocks!

I always love these :)

2 hours later.

I'm working with several controllers for fans and lighting and want to have them in groups.
Fans - Top lighting - Bottom lighting
Need multiple cables and extensions from side to side through the 'powerbar'

Like this

Also want some cable managements, all extra cable out of sight in the P5


The loop. Finally! :)

First some pads underneath the GPU's

And the first fittings and pipe

Works like a charm

Should become something like this.

But still lots to do.

And another update!

Almost used all the fittings.

But glad some extra are on the way.

So first some more cable management.

So also the Displayport, keyboard and mouse cable.


Checking if everything still works.

Also received a flowmeter to check out.

Funny mirroring seen from bottom.

I guess white isn't too bad either.

Thanks shadowlord!

Finally the last fittings also arrived.

So I could finish the last part of the loop.

And testing if everything still works ..

Time to fill it up

Always exciting :)

Not a single leak :D

Next thing is also very exciting ... is the hardware still working?

Awesome when you see on first boot "CPU Fan speed error detected"
That's good :)

And so the glass panel goes up

Chair also fits perfectly :)
One last small update and then ... final pics!

Small extra before the final post.
Found some plexi from a previous project which will come to good use :)

Sawing, sanding and polishing.

And done :)

I want to thank everyone for following this project!
For me personally it was quite a challenge.
First of all because of the available free time I had next to my job and family.
But specially to create a 'Desk PC' below $400 of material. (2xP5 + tools + glass + mounting)
All this with standard tools like a jigsaw, drill, ironsaw, file and sandpaper.

So here's my contribution to the Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational 2016 Season 1

Finally I had 20 minutes to enjoy DOOM :)

I tested all possible color combinations, my personal choice was Blue/Red, however I think many will like white too.

ps. Should I make a little video too?
Made something for all of you to check the other builds with their latest photos too :)

If you want to leave a vote for someone (and with that be able to win a prize) I would really appreciate it ;)


Because a lot of people seem to like white lighting too I made some extra photos.

I'm back to the promised video!

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