Case temperature display

the thermal probe, long cable with the 2 pin connector on one end, and the (typicly) orange flat part on the other end.

the 2 pin connector part should be connected to the front of the case, or whererever the lcd display is, on the pcb there should be 2 pins, hook it up there.
"on the pcb there should be 2 pins" what is a pcb..are there any online tutorial things?
printed circute board
its basicly the brown board thats attached to the lcd.

there is no tutorial, to me, it just sounds like the probe fell off during shipping
well i see the probe just no idea where i attach it and there was a power coard 2 pinned dunno what thats for it might be fore power? im seriously stumped
The thermal probe goes to whatever you want to monitor the temperatures of. Probably in the CPU heatsink fins. The 2-pin power cable should have an included adapter to convert it to a 4-pin molex connector.