Case-mas for Niku


Dec 17, 2002
some pictures to give you an idea of what these are like...

these were from right after they came to the door and as i was un packing them...

theyre big too...resize=no....they were bigger


kinda give you and idea of the size difference of the two


the big black case was sealed like a box of condoms...i think it was mabe a little much


this is the weight of the black case EMPTY!!!...i knew it was heavy but i didnt think it was going to be this heavy when theres nothing in tweaked my back because i wasnt expecting it


this is the mATX powmax case...for $30 it had unusually nice shiny paint...there are some thing wrong with this thing but there are some still some good things about it and its still a good deal for $30 and comming with a power supply


i just thought these short, eastern(?), cutesy girls (?...i hope) were unusual for a mascot...especially in swimming suits...they are girls right?

more pics later when i am not so freakin tired
on the first one I think illuminated feet would work good as well as a backlit picture carved into the front.
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That's a damn huge case, Niku. :eek: Too heavy, though. :p Hope your back is okay.
he didnt lift it the 3 gay bodybuilders did ;)
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he didnt lift it the 3 gay bodybuilders did ;)

lmao What 3 gay bodybuilders? I need to send two of them to my girlfriend... :p
the ones on the little cases box
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the ones on the little cases box

They look male to me.
need moar pics captain!