Cardboard PC mini log lol (56k iono 772kb)


Mar 22, 2003
:D Did this for fun. Goal was to find a use for my P4 1.8.. so I set out to find parts and build a case well... think of this as one step above naked pc ;)

Plywood base..

after some debating between the use of wood and cardboard I decided that wood took too much thinking.. and cardboard I can use my super dremel substitutes (steak knife :cool: ) So I used a rectangle of plywood as a base.

Dry Fitting...

If you notice in the above picture.. I had the "wonderful" idea of putting those mobo screws into the wood.. only problem is I didnt really make the holes the size I wanted.. so it was much harder to put in.. then when I put the mobo ontop to see how it was aligned... well it wasnt anything a hammer couldnt fix. In the end I used 4 instead of the normal amount of screws used to mount an ATX board.

First of the cardboard

I used a compaq power supply (dead stupid pos) to get the dimentions for the overall box in combination with the mobo. Added about .25 inch all around (which oddly dissapered in the end).

Cardboard sides...

I nailed the cardboard to the plywood and stapled the cardboard joints. Detached flap will be used for the top lid.


Got tired of progress pictures. Put it together and figured out that my planning wasnt too bad.. didnt have to put a bigger hole into the cardboard.

The back..

I have no idea how you people manage to build such nice backs... the iopanel was annoying to try to fit.. the hole started at the correct size, the panel would actually stick to it but then I somehow ended up with a gap later... um.. that was annoying.

The box itself

Well.. this is the box.. goal was to look simple yet not invite people to kick it. I wanted it to look clean yet useable. (ya I will put the leds in the front eventually)

Perhaps one day, I will make a Perfect Dark theme for it... PD logo on top.. um.. crosshair fangrill.. remote mines...

I wont share specs, kinda pathetic.. (unless I can get donations ;) j/p) but im making it run win2k and with my GF2 with TV out, a wannabe HTPC lol.. just no recording. Oh yeah.. at 640x480 it looks pretty good.. (NO I cant afford a HD just a standard tv through svideo) but im getting lots of wavy lines.. like a bad reception or interference.. any idea on how to fix it? (Dont really want to wrap my svideo with aluminium foil)
Heh :(
:rolleyes: guess it wasnt as amusing as I thought you guys may find it.
Okay im proud of my specs now.. I had to get a new hard drive because I dropped my 2gig in the building process... tried to clone it but it didnt work :mad:.

So my wannabe htpc
P4 1.8 ghz williamette
128mb 2100 ddr (yaya)
ECS mobo
80gig WD 7200 8mb cache
GF2 Svideo out to tv
There are people who don't mix with kitchen tools and computers without producing stuff that is either funny, amazingly useless, or stupid.

You fall neatly into categories 1 and 2. Good job!