Car seat -> Office chair


Limpness Supreme
Feb 8, 2005
My office chair was falling apart. It's a "Cross Island" chair by Ashley furniture. You know the kind. Particle board with a veneer, screws start falling out the day you buy it. It lasted a couple of years, so I guess it wasn't all too bad. But I'm in it for at least 8 hours a day. The arms piss me off because I can't sit close enough to the desk. And the arms were the only thing holding the back on - It had completely separated at the bottom.

So, I took it apart. Then I took apart my S14 (240SX) driver's seat. I looked at the two parts closely, and came to the conclusion that I couldn't make it work. One side had a nice long flat bottom, but the other side was just a little corner bit designed to hold the seat together. To make it worse, the little corner bit relied on the slide rail to have any stability. ...But wait. I've also got a passenger seat. I wonder if it's mirrored? Yup! So, I took the two seats apart, built one seat out of it, grabbed some 3/4" plywood and some bolts, and set about building a new office chair from the scraps of the three seats. $20 later, I've got a new office chair. It ain't pretty, but it'll do until I can find a real replacement I like.