can't get hard drive to work with a7n8x


Mar 21, 2003
Ok im building/fixing/upgrading a system for a friend... bought him a A7n8x 2.0, im try to install a Western Digital 120gb 8mb cache hard drive, the problem is it won't reconize the hard drive on the primary channel, it detected it off and on for a few times when i first put it in, but now it won't even detect it at all (it wont detect cdroms on the primary chanel either). The hard disk is fine, i tested it, im using the latest bios, i pulled everything out of the computer except the basic stuff, and it still willl only detect it on the secondary channel. There are no jumpers set on the hard drive (as it says on the hard disk for master with no slave), ive tried different cables). Is there any problem with it running as the main disk on the secondary channel? (other than i wont be able to use the my dvd/cdrw drives). Im stumped??? I don't think there's any jumpers on the mobo itself im missing, it's wierd. Help me out here guys. Thanks!


Limp Gawd
Mar 11, 2001
You are hooking it up to the connector on the end of the cable right? That's the primary.
Maybe try setting the jumper on the hard drive to "Cable Select"?