Can someone help me decipher these minidumps?


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2005
I am trying to isolate the cause of my system instability and don't seem to be having much luck. My machine can run dual Orthos, Quad P95, and pass Memtest for hours on end, but then I'll be playing a game or working with one of my 3D programs and I get a random BSOD. Most of the error messages read "Page fault in nonpaged area" and indicate that the nv4disp.dll that is responsible for the error. I thought this might be video card temp related as my 8800GTX seems to be running about 20C warmer than everyone elses, and checking the temp logs the majority of the crashes have occured when the temps on my card have hit over 90C, but eVGA assures me that this is well within the thermal limits of the card and that unless temps hit 110C that I shouldn't be concerned.

Sooo, back to the drawing board. I was wondering if the minidump files might help shed some light. My memory is actually running below its rated speed at the default timings. I initially thought it might have something to do with the mild overclock I was running, but even at the default speeds I am getting the blue screens. thoughHere are my system specs:

Intel Bad Axe 2 mobo
Intel QX6700
4 GB Dominator 8500
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi
eVGA 8800GTX
Silverstone Zeus 750 Powersupply
WinXP Pro SP2

Any help would be much appreciated. Here is the link to the minidumps: