Calling BG Micro VFD Owners !


Oct 2, 2001
I finally got mine rigged up today afer being in a box for about 3 years lol.

Now I can't find any software that will run the bad boy, it's connected via serial.

Looking for "BG Micro VFD Thinger" or anything that enables me to use it via serial

Thanks people :D
I just googled it and found like 3 pages right at the top that had links to the software that people used to set them up. Unfortunately the links were all dead. I'm sure you'll find someone here that still has the .exe burried in a back-up, somewhere.
it doesnt matter if the real sites ar4e dead, tou just have to click the link that goes to googles back up copy they make when they crawl
I have the files on my hard drive aim me if you want them
AIM p Guess you don't need my AIM so I edited it out thanks :D
So I was at work today thinking, wow . . . I haven't posted on hardforum in like 1.5 years! I gotta check it out.

yea the site/software is still up, should all still work too. I've got a half finished beta program thats been there for a year, you might want to play around with that. The new plugin kicks ass*

*I might be biased here

How to exploit the weather plugin to its fullest:
Hey Dan Dude, thanks for creating the sw everyone seams to love !

I did try the site (vfdworld) a few times before I posted and it appeared down. However after reading your post I tried again. It now works fine and I've downloaded the software. Works with my VFD perfectly, never been happier !

Now just gotta find somewhere to fit the bad boy !

Cheers mate :D