Calling All Dual Display Owners


Limp Gawd
Nov 10, 2004
Hey guys, I just set up my dual display. Two 17" Sony LCD's. Anyhoo...

To really show off our display and how cool it looks, playing a video clip of
an aerial view of Grand Canyon flying over rivers and cliffs would be awesome.
Sort of like an "imax movie" experience. I'm searching all over google for
some .avi or .mpeg files, but I am having no luck.

I'm sure there might be a dedicated website for what I'm looking for.
Cool panaramic video clips, 3D style. Any of you guys know of a website?

I'm sure most dual display users have pondered this very same question.
The thought came to me when I installed Far Cry. The intro of the game
was set at widescreen, and it looked amazing as the camera moved through
the jungle and up into the air and back down into the river.

If any of you google-masters know what I'm talking about, try and help us out!



Limp Gawd
Oct 20, 2004
Not sure where to get the sort of video you want, especially since the best you're likely to find will be DVD resolution. However, I would recommend getting a good flight simulator; you can accomplish the same effect to some extent, and at much higher resolution. X-Plane on my 30" Apple cinema display for example, makes it feel like the whole room is rotating whenever I bank the plane.