Calendar Sharing


Feb 11, 2002
A friend of mine owns a small law firm with 3 employees and asked me if there was a way he could share calendar information between the three of them within the office. Currently they just write their calendars by hand but he would like to update his ways a little bit and go digital :) He needs it to be real-time and the same calendar no matter which employee is looking at it.

I looked around and found some solutions like MSN Premium and Intellisync (which is what I'm leaning towards because of its yahoo support). They don't need any email or contact sharing, just the shared calendar. Also, they all use Yahoo email address. They currently have pcanywhere so the calendar doesn't exactly have to be accessible from their homes (they can just pcanywhere to their computers at the office and look at the calendar) but it wouldn't hurt if they could read/update the calendar without having to use pcanywhere.

If anyone has experience with sharing calendars could you please tell me what method you use?

edit;; Money isn't really a problem so long as he's not paying for 100 extra features he's never going to use.
Our company use Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Service which is bundled with Small Business Server 2003. It has what you're looking for and much much more.

Prior to migrating to Sharepoint, we used eStudios from which works very similarly to Sharepoint, except you won't have to worry about maintaining a Windows 2003 Server.
I'm not sure, but I think Lightning may do exactly what you need for free... it does require the use of Thunderbird, but they should be using that anyhow;)
Check out Google Calendar, this is what I switched people to at work for meeting schedules, vacations, etc. Its free and accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Do they use outlook at all. I know you said they don't need to see eachothers email, but you can set the restrictions in outlook to only see the calendars.

If outlook is already in place i would use that first.