Bykski Threadripper Waterblock Arrives


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
I finally got a package today that has been on a slow boat from China. The Bykski waterblock for our Threadripper CPU is stunning to look at. This is the model A-Ryzen-TH-X.

Check out the news post.

To give you an idea on dimensions, that is an SSD sitting on top of it.

It is a bit different in design than our XSPC RayStorm we have been using. I hope to be getting into some comparisons on temp and overclocking this week now that I have gotten my test bench all put back together with the new XSPC RX480 cooling kit.
Not bad looking, interested in your results on how it stacks up against the XSPC.
Channels look much bigger than the RayStorm. Be interesting to see how it compares, obviously quite a different design method here.
Fun times we live in. Hopefully this will turn into a video, those are always entertaining. :D
My fingers are crossed that this is a good product because those Vega blocks by Bykski are very cheaply priced!
Deliveries times from China suck. But I am patient if the price is right.
I have a questions for you Kyle:

Packaging... Did it look professional to you? I mean was the box sealed, packing around the block & hardware properly fitting and something sticky covering the mating surface?

I picked up one of these blocks as new ($68 US). While it was stuffed in the original-like box, the seal was broken and you could tell the block was not professionally packed. There is nothing wrong with the block and the one or two minor scratches I see on the mating surface could be buffed out wit a touch of polish. The block itself does not appear to have been used. The seller of course insists he opened it to ensure the product was right (wink wink).

It does look like a decent block though. Would have preferred a sprung mounting but a dab of locktite will keep the screws from backing out.